• Aurelio

    Paolo Morsiani projected and realized his forst kid bed in 1988, for his daughter Benedetta. After 24 years, here comes the restyling.

    2012_1988 - bed

  • Vassoio

    Tray in solid beech wood, treated with natural oils only.

    2012_1988 - tray

  • accucciati

      Dog Houses “Dog is a God” has been presented to the Salone Satellite Exhibition Milano in the 2005.       ... »

    2005 - dog house

  • Cestone

    This box is born by the need of a customer of having a unique container where guests can put shoes once on ... »

    2010 - dog house

  • Comòscaletta

    Projected and realized for a private house, this chest drawer addresses different needs and habits, shown a lot of time by our ... »

    2010 - dog house




2012 - chest, shoe rack