1. Stair
  2. Bathroom
  3. Bookcase
  4. Studio

In the downtown of Verona a stair made of furniture fill the first level of the apartment.

Inside the stair-furniture is hidden a wide utility room, a bathroom, a large desk and a bookcase.

The wing effect create a stage immage, a geometrical weave is highlighted only by shades of white as the rest of the apartment.


The front weave on the living room hides shutters and the door of the utility room.

Little windows and slots cutted in the geometric design create visual games.

The stair floor is the same oak wood, oil treated and present in all the spaces.

The aluminum neckline of the panels are used as stiffening of the structure and they recall details of Palazzo Vecchio designed by Carla Scarpa.

From the first steps the bathroom is reachable.



The large desk creates a reserved space, destined to studio.

The little bookcase functions as parapet.



  • Year:
  • 2008 @en
  • Project:
  • Production:
  • Types:
  • Bathroom
  • Bookcase
  • Living Room
  • Private House
  • Stairs
  • Studio @en