1. Game Room
  2. Show Room

Inside Pio’s Castel in Carpi is located a wide space dedicated to culture and kids; hosting a game room, a little theater, a library and a show room.

The maple furniture is the continuity element among different spaces which caracterized the pubblic structure.


Game Room

The big space reserved to games near the little theater.

The game room catch by the “Theater of the light”

Show Room

“Estense Room” is a room adjacent the game room, made to host art and cultural exhibition.

Short marple furnitures remind geometrical shapes, which find is maximum use in the possibility to move them around the room exploiting all their functionallity.

Details of connection between corners of furniture.


  • Year:
  • 2006 @en
  • Project:
  • Arch. Francesca Santolini
  • Production:
  • Types:
  • Day care
  • Pubblic Space
  • Showroom
  • City:
  • Carpi @en