1. Bookcase
  2. Bedroom
  3. Kids Room
  4. Stairs


Casa pesce is a perfect “ensemble” of historical authenticity and modern desing furniture, in the heart of the old downtown. The project is custom-cut, inspirated by the passion of the property  for the ’50s.



The big bookcase-storage, designed by Paolo Morsiani – IABLU leads as a trail to the principal bedroom. Birch geometrical draws, books and light break the size and the impact of this big furniture.



Stairs are created as a simple opening overflowed by zenith light, which is perfectly integrated with the surrounding, thanks to the turnover of resin and walnut wood.

‘retrò’ finishing details in different spaces of the house

Kids room

Kids room furniture are realized as big carton box integrated in the wall.

Inside spacious to collect toys and clothes.

Collecting modern art pieces of ’50s make this house a perfect mixture of old fashioned style, modern and contemporay.

  • Year:
  • 2008 @en
  • Project:
  • Arch. Chiara Ronchetti with IABLU
  • Production:
  • Types:
  • Bedroom
  • Bookcase
  • Kids room
  • Private House
  • Stairs
  • Wardrobe